Move away from spreadsheets, let LEAP optimise your workflow

Automate your business process

With software that is capable of evolving as your business does

Change is inexpensive and simple

Using some of the most advanced workflow features available

Build powerful applications


Bespoke Software. Zero Code.


What can LEAP do for you?

Dramatically reduce costs

Improve customer satisfaction

Integrate with existing systems

Enable total flexibility


Why use LEAP?

No servers needed

No code needed

Customise to suit you

No upfront costs

Client self-service

Regular updates

Top class security

Real-time analytics

You need LEAP when…

  • Your current software is not working for you
  • Existing processes are based around spreadsheets
  • You’re juggling lots of jobs and people at the same time
  • You need to increase efficiency but also reduce cost
  • You require better integration with your customers and suppliers
  • You have so many documents that you can’t find what you’re looking for

How LEAP works…

  • We design your software package for your specific business needs
  • Add extra elements yourself as you and when you need them
  • We can integrate LEAP with current systems you have in place
  • Regular feature updates are released to keep your software current
  • There are no set up fees and no need for a server

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Take a closer look at LEAP

LEAP has an ever expanding set of components, which you can find out more about by visiting FLOvate Documentation. Discover how each component works in detail and get a better picture of how LEAP can improve your own business processes.

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