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Automate your business process

Move away from spreadsheets, let LEAP optimise your workflow
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Change is inexpensive and simple

with software that is capable of evolving as your business does
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Build powerful applications

Using some of the most advanced workflow features available

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Advanced process management software

What can LEAP do for you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

LEAP is a powerful workflow system that will help you manage your processes more effectively, reduce the process cycle time and reduce your operational costs.

Often businesses try to fit their processes around software… LEAP is different.

It is a fully customisable system that is designed to suit your business needs and the way you do things. By automating parts of your process, consolidating your data into one system and improving communication, LEAP could be the answer you are looking for.

“Software should be an enabler for change, not a barrier”

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Take a closer look at LEAP

LEAP has an ever expanding set of components, which you can find out more about by visiting FLOvate Documentation. Discover how each component works in detail and get a better picture of how LEAP can improve your own processes.

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